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From start to finish, BDNet will evaluate the solutions that work best for your company and create
a customized solution.

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BDNet Corp is specifically qualified to assist our clients with Microsoft Exchange Server, Exchange Online, and Office 365 assessments, migrations, and deployments. We have extensive experience leading the design, upgrade, and migration projects for Microsoft softwares. We also provide clients a proven approach to planning and implementing their email migration projects from a myriad of different platforms.


With our Software Solutions,
you can get:

  • Access to your files and documents wherever, whenever
  • Seamless collaboration even in remote working conditions
  • Online versions of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and many more
  • Higher seat limit of 300 employees for greater business value
  • Mailboxes with 25GB of storage
  • Advanced communication tools like IM, web conferencing, and multi-party data sharing
  • Scalability in adding more solutions or moving to a different plan
  • Security solutions, including antivirus and antispam
  • 99% uptime and 24/7 support

Service Benefits

Email functionality would no longer be dependent on the local server infrastructure’s connectivity with the internet.

Hosted Exchange licenses can be added and removed easily, without any additional hardware or software resources. Additional services can be licensed within Office 365 to existing users.

Removing Exchange roles from the server will free up resources that can be allocated to improve the performance of other systems.

Microsoft directly maintains updates and upgrades to the Hosted Exchange platform.

Microsoft’s Exchange platform meets or exceeds industry compliances. Data is encrypted while transmitted and while stored in a data center.

The Hosted Exchange platform comes with Microsoft Exchange Online Protection antispam and email antivirus system. This system is directly integrated with Exchange.

Managed IT

Our Managed IT services provide proactive monitoring, network management, server management, vendor management, and IT support.

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Cloud IT

Cloud Solutions unlock your business potential. We offer hosted Exchange, file storage, and collaboration solutions.

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Our industry-leading managed services help firms reduce risk, ensure compliance, and secure sensitive data and systems across all platforms.

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Backup and Continuity Solutions

Protect your data and applications -- two of your most valuable assets. Get back on track faster when disasters do happen.

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Streamline business collaboration and communication tools today with Office 365