We help to advance your security and optimize your overall IT risk management strategy to protect your data, your intellectual property, and your brand.

Do not leave your network vulnerable to attacks

Our robust and tailor-made managed firewall services help to keep your network infrastructure safe from online threats. BDNet Corp’s industry-leading managed services help firms reduce risk, ensure compliance, and secure sensitive data and systems across all platforms. Have peace of mind knowing that we have implemented security strategies that keep malicious elements out.


Our Security service lets you take advantage of:

  • 24/7 Security Monitoring - We watch your network around the clock and will alert you when there is an instruction with high priority.
  • Data Encryption - Our encryption services help protect all your stored data and any data in transit via email or document sharing.
  • Malware and Ransom Protection - We utilize a multi-level approach with firewall, anti-virus, and advanced DNS filtering services to protect you against online attacks.
  • Compliance Management - We provide network penetration testing and fine-tune your network to ensure a balance of employee productivity and security.

Service Features

Standard security solutions can be very difficult to set up, update, and manage. This can cause confusion and unnecessary complications, and raise your overhead costs. BDNet Corp can help you eliminate these hurdles with our all-in-one security service -- the Unified Threat Management (UTM).

UTM is a combination of the different IT security measures all rolled into one device. UTM makes it easier for your business to manage network security because the application, control, and upkeep of your network are all controlled in a central location. That means you don’t have to individually install or update your security measures on each workstation. This saves time and increases your profitability.

Data and information are very valuable resources for any business. Therefore, protecting this information and other sensitive materials should be a priority for your company. Every day, there are thousands of people around the world constantly trying to gain access and steal your information for their own personal gain.

There are various methods these hackers use to steal your information. Some of the strategies include delivering malware in the form of a virus, a Trojan horse, or an internet worm to distasteful sites. If a user accidentally clicks through to one of these sites, it can cause a security issue. Even something as innocent as looking for “free software” can lead you to sites that look legitimate, but in reality are infested with security threats. Once you download a file from these sites and open it, you can potentially expose your entire network to malicious threats.

Did you know that 58% of all email sent is classified as spam? Your email client may be able to filter out some of the spam you receive, but they are not efficient enough to catch all of it. As a result, the spam gets through to your employees’ inboxes, costing as much as $700 per year per employee in damages! But the good news is you can avoid these expenses with BDNet Corp’s spam protection service.

Managed IT

Our Managed IT services provide proactive monitoring, network management, server management, vendor management, and IT support.

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Cloud IT

Cloud Solutions unlock your business potential. We offer hosted Exchange, file storage, and collaboration solutions.

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Backup and Continuity Solutions

Protect your data and applications -- two of your most valuable assets. Get back on track faster when disasters do happen.

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Software Services

Not only will you spend less on Office 365 than you did with your other software licenses, but it will be at a fraction of the cost of market value, too.

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Take control of your IT infrastructure by putting security measures in place