About Us

Our goal to provide enterprise level IT solutions to the small-medium size business sector, with value oriented pricing. Our experience has allowed us to build and develop the infrastructure needed to keep our prices affordable and our clients up and running.

Company Overview

BDNet Corp, a veteran-owned business, was launched in 1999 as an IT consulting firm. Our client list rapidly grew because of our success in solving complex technology problems. Today, we continue to deliver comprehensive technology solutions to our clients.

With his 20 years of IT industry experience, Brian Domschke, recognized that there was an unfulfilled need to provide IT infrastructure and support to firms that didn’t have the revenue or budget to employ a full-time IT staff. His vision of offering quality services to these firms resulted in the successful, thriving company that BDNet Corp is today.

We continue to empower these smaller firms with the technology solutions that allow them to succeed. However, we have acquired resources and created strategic partnerships that allow us to offer unprecedented service and support to medium and large companies as well. We are equipped with the expertise and assets to address the most complex requirements, regardless of a firm’s size.

We are now empowered to further expand our service offerings to provide our clients with cutting-edge solutions to their technology needs. We continue to seek new industry innovations, opportunities, products, and service solutions so that we can maximize our clients’ productivity and success.


Customized Services

Our experts understand that some organizations need the very latest technologies. Others can function well into the future with standard networks and systems. Your BDNet Corp team will work with you to create customized services and solutions. We make it our job to evaluate the best fit for you and to offer affordable options.


Supporting Your Business Goals

One of our strongest assets is our ability to analyze business needs and develop a system that will grow as you grow. We continue to support your business by making proactive analyses of new technologies that increase productivity and decrease expenses.


Communication Is Key

Unlike other companies that adopt a “fix it and leave approach,” we communicate action plans and results. From your contact with us initially to calls for technical support later, BDNet Corp keeps you in the loop.

Our Partners