Backup and Continuity Solutions

Did you know that 25% of businesses do not reopen following a major disaster due to an inefficient disaster
recovery plan?

Industry experts in disaster recovery, prevention, backup, and storage

Disruptions and unexpected downtime will take a heavy toll on any company. At BDNet Corp, our backup and disaster recovery solutions are designed to minimize these risks. We view disaster prevention and recovery plans as a top priority for all our existing and prospective customers. We’re committed to assessing, designing, and deploying disaster prevention plans that are tailored to your specific business needs.


With Backup and Continuity Solutions, you can get:

  • Guaranteed RTO - Your uptime is our priority. In the event of an unexpected hardware or software failure, we guarantee RTO (Recovery Time Objective), ensuring your systems are back online faster.
  • Automated Monitoring - Automated testing enables us to keep a round-the-clock eye on your hardware and software applications in your cloud-based environment. If any issue arises, our NOC engineers are notified and take action immediately.
  • Secure Cloud Environments - Our cloud-based infrastructures are secured in tier 3, certified data centers with multiple levels of redundant disaster prevention, disaster recovery, data storage, and backup capabilities.

Want to know more?

Our Backup and Disaster Recover system utilizes a combination of both local and clouded protection. Backups are managed from a local appliance which resides with your server(s). This device handles the storage of local backups, virtualization of servers, and secure encrypted transmission of backup data offsite to redundant datacenters. Local backups are available for expedited recovery of data and offsite backups provide security against disaster situations.

Our partner, Datto, is the industry leader in these enterprise grade solutions. We have the flexibility on this platform to support various configurations with a truly customized solution for your business. Our integrated Backup and Disaster Recovery platform ensures that your data is safe and secure.

Don’t wait until it happens to you; our proactive approach to BDR ensures that your data is safe and secure, and your business continues to operate.

Though BDNet Corp can retrieve your data from a crashed hard drive, it is always a simpler method to restore data from our BDR solution. With our BDR, we will back up your company’s data to a safe and protected offsite data center. Our BDR solution will also be included as a part of our managed services and will help you rest assured for when the unthinkable affects your company. Get peace of mind with BDNet Corp’s BDR solution!

Ransomware is an increasingly prevalent kind of attack on your company’s data, where cybercriminals hold your company’s data hostage. The FBI estimates that in 2016, ransomware will cost businesses over $1 billion.

Our Backup and Disaster Recovery system scans your files for early detection of these attacks. It also provides a seamless recovery of system data prior to the attack, effectively eliminating the threat entirely.

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